1b. What does the island include?

Accommodations consist of:

- Two round-thatched cabanas, each with double beds, ocean views and private bathroom inside. 
- The Blue cabana is circular has a bath, sink, toilet and a kitchen.
- The Yellow cabana is circular has a bath, sink, toilet and a kitchen.
- Both cabanas have a traditional thatch palm leaf roof.
- A small outdoor 4 meters by 4 meters (36 by 36 ft) green gazebo  used as a restaurant with 360 degrees views of the island.
- A two story Pink house with balcony around it.

-  A rainwater recollection system with 4 water tanks of 1100 liters each, a 0.5 hp water pump and a water tower.
-  Island has a double energy system consisting of a 110W solar power and a 1.5 hp (1000W) generator providing 110V electricity.
-  A septic system 
-  A Red wooden Pier (wharf) with a thatch roof
-  The newly built Blue Pier 
-  Kitchen with refrigerator and gas stove. 
-  Sofas, beds, Kayak and canoe, all beach chairs, tables, closets, etc 
-  The Island is completely furnished and ready to live-in or rent it out.
-  All furnishings are included in the sale. 
- A 22 foot Fiberglass boat with a 75hp outboard. The boat has all tourist business permits.

1c. About Pink Pearl Island

Pink Pearl Island is situated approximately 3 miles off of mainland Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast, amongst the Pearl Cays island groups.
Surrounded by white sand beaches and turquoise water this private island is currently operating as a turnkey tourism business, 
yet could also be used as a personal retreat. 

This is an ideal location for Sports fishing and diving. The island is protcted from high seas by surrounding reefs and outlying islands.
 Coated in coconut palm trees, native fauna, and soft white sand, the beach is a popular nesting/hatching area for turtles, during season. 

For an investor looking to run an Eco-tourism business , this is an ideal location, to simply retire into paradise or own a unique
holiday home investment. 

The island can be reached by boat from the closest airport in Bluefields  within 1.5 hrs.
 It is approximately 30 minutes from the nearest town of Pearl Lagoon. 
- Boat is usually the preferred transportation, but  Helicopter charters request booked via Managua
- The island is well groomed and maintained. 
- There is always a light breeze flowing through the island so air-conditioning is not necessary. 
- There are NO mosquitoes or sand-flies on this island. 


The island always been operating as a resort from  2008.

3 - Monthly Lease

$6,000 per month

4. Yearly Lease 

$60,000 per year.


Pink Pearl Island RESORT has all government permissions and operates as a vacation rental for nature lovers, with basic accommodations.
Click below to book with your credit card: (Links 1.- 4.)

1.   http://www.tripadvisor.com/Pink_Pearl_island_Resort

2.   https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p4469248

3.   https://www.flipkey.com/vacation-rentals/p1636698/

4.   https://www.vrbo.com/4469248ha

5.  http://rent.privateislandsonline.com/islands/pink-pearl-island2

6.   http://www.nicabeachfront.com/PinkPearl-rent.htm

You can book directly with any International Travel and Vacation Booking Agency such as :
Trip Advisor, Homeaway, FlipKey,  VRBO, PrivateIslandsOnLine.com, etc.

4b. Book direclty with the Agent and the Island Manager

Here is how to book direclty with us.(Links 5.- 7.)

Cost per person to see the island with an all inclusive package (rent a speed boat, gas, food, lodging, 24 hour tour guide, taxi to airport) is:
    Daily     rate   -     $530 for  2 days / 1 night   - minimum 2 people
    Weekly rate   -  $1500 for  6 days / 5 nights - minimum 2 people

That money have to be prepaid to the Island Manager so we can hire the boat, buy the gas, buy your food.

Payment method:
Money  Gram        http://global.moneygram.com/   or
Western Union   

Wiring Instructions :
Expected Payout Location : Bluefields, Nicaragua
Recipient : Nestor Sebastian Matus Matute
For the nearest Western Union or Monery Gram locations, see their site :

Or can deposit directly in our bank account in Panama or in the US.

Or you can pay at the boat, after you arrive in Bluefieds.
In this case we need :
1. copies of your  round air trip ticket to Managua.
2. copies of your local LA COSTENA airline tickets from Managua to Bluefields so we can wait for you at the airport.
3. copy of your passport, so we can get ahead of time the  navigation permit for the boat trip.


As of February 2017, a neighbouring island called calala Island in front of Pink Pearl Island in the Pearl cays
is renting suites for  $7000 a day with 3 days minimum that is $21,000 !!
Calala island (Lime cay) is charging $10,500 daily for the whole island with a minimum 3 day stay that is $31,500 !!
So our prices at PINK PEARL RESORT are much more reasonable at $500 per person per night
See  https://app.littlehotelier.com/properties/calalaisland

Note:  Calala island (Lime cay) has only one small rather rocky beach.
Pink Pearl has fine white sand beach all around the island.


If you are looking for a personal getaway this is the ideal island.
It has an easily manageable size, has no mangrove swamp therefore no bugs
 or sand flies and an excellent beach, swimming area.
The island is spectacular, beautiful and very safe.
here is a potential up for a tourism business/island rental, dive shop etc,
 and all the construction is in good shape, built 6 years ago. The fishing is excellent.


There are 2 cabanas, that sleep 2-4 people. There is a bar/ restaurant and pier.
The accommodation is basic beach style to suit the existing clientele, and can be upgraded.
We have all planning permissions for existing structures from the County and therefore
any building can be altered to taste without the process of a new application.
There is potentially space for more structures.

All buildings have a traditional Caribbean thatch roof.
Island has a wooden pier with concrete posts.


All you have to do is make it to the Managua International Airport, we arrange the rest.
We would be happy to help arrange your trip if you wish to view the property.

9 - Proximity to the main land in miles/kilometers?

3 miles to the closest coast
40 miles to the closest city that is Bluefields

7-006 - Water  System
Water Tower,   4 Water tanks of 1100 liters each
1/2 hp water pump,  Roof water collection system
with carbon and sediment filters


 11 - Fresh  WATER  source & cost
 Also we collect rain water, that we purify. 
We buy 5 gal bottled water to drink at $2 each .
You can also drink the purified rain water.
Electricity can be generated through gas or diesel  generators, and solar or wind generators.

Pink Pearl island has electricity provided through a 1000Kw (1.5 hp) gasoline generator.
This has enough power to run the whole island. We also give you a spare gasoline generator.
Gas or diesel generators are inexpensive and can be bought  in Bluefields.
The Electric generator costs about $8 per day used. That is 2 galons of gas
We run it  during lunch time and during the evening, it is sufficient to maintain freezers.

0-39 - Electric Generator 1000W (1.5hp)

0-40 - Electric Generator

Also provide you with a  6800W generator (10 hp)

Also have an additional  SOLAR POWER system for lighting and garden solar lights..
0-35 - Solar Panel - 110W
0-33 - Solar Battery      

0-34 - Solar Control

12a. If you need to expand your solar system
If you need to expand your solar system or get a combined Solar and Wind Power installed,
we can call the providers to come to the island and install it for you. Price includes parts and installation.
But at this point you do not need it, the existing solar power is sufficient.

13 - Availability and ease of access of common household items
(I.E. toothpaste, deodorant, detergent, light bulbs, food, etc.)?

There are 3 big supermarkets in Bluefields that that have everything you need
One is called CENTENO the other SCHNEIDER and the last  MAS por MENOS (more for less).

14  - Who can help me with the trip from the island to Bluefields to buy supplies ?
You can also sent your caretaker to the store, so you do not have to go yourself.
May be the first time you go with him to the store and explain to him your list then he does it himself.
You can buy a smaller boat with a 15hp motor so during these “supply” trips you do not spend too much on gas.

15  - Does the Island has a boat of any kind?
Yes. The island has  a 24 foot  fiber glass boat with a 75HP YAMAHA outboard.
The boat has all permits to be used for personal or tourist purposes. 

16 - What happens if my boat motor quits during my trip ?

Normally these motors are very simple and durable. Also the boat driver guy can repair them right away.
As an option, you can get a second motor engine may be a smaller 15 hp (cost around $1500), that is always mounted on the boat.
You use the second motor only if the first engine quits.
All YAMAHA motors are repaired in Bluefields.

17 - What is the possibility and feasibility of phone and internet access?

There is mobile phone signal on the island
The providers are MOVISTAR and CLARO.
CLARO also has Internet. They give you a small red disk that says CLARO
If you need faster Satellite Internet and Phone that is also available to buy in Nicaragua.
When you visit the island you acan ask Nestor the manager, the one who organized your trip,
 to call from his cell phone so you can verify the signal !

18 -  What is the average wind speed like and average swells and currents like around the island?

Not much waves, since the island is protected by a coral reef.
Water and underwater currents are mostly on the Pacific side not in the Caribbean.

20 -  Is there a rodent or insect problem?

The island is one of the few coral islands that has no sandflies. (“no see’m” as they call them in Florida).
That is because there are no mangroves, or swamp and the fresh breeze cleans the air from bugs.
There are no rodents. If there were any, the island is small, so it would have been easy to eliminate them.

21 - How deep in the surrounding water ?

There is a 6 foot draft on the pier to land any boat.
The pier can be easily extended, if you need more depth.
The surrounding water for scuba, snorkeling has a depth of 33 meters or 100 feet max.

22 - Here are some nice VIDEO Links of Pink Pearl  island

LINK (Pink Pearl - Monkey and dog), Song –“Kung Fu Fighting”:

LINK (Several islands), Song –“Is this love, I am feeling”:

LINK (Several islands), Song – 2 reggae songs:

23 – PHOTO  LINKS on the net

Click to the following SkyDrive Public access files - LINK  to see all files (photos,videos, write-ups)


 Facebook 1 :  https://www.facebook.com/Island.Pink.Pearl/photos_stream?ref=page_internal

 Facebook 2 :  https://www.facebook.com/Island.Pink.Pearl/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums
 Facebook 3 :  https://www.facebook.com/Island.Pink.Pearl/timeline?ref=page_internal

25 - Please elaborate on anything else you feel to be important

Here is a suggestion
There is another island site for an island for sale in the region
Check their site. It will answer most of your questions.
Similar questions and answers apply to both islands.

LINK : http://www.nicabeachfront.com/Bocal.htm


28 - Do I have to become RESIDENT to stay in Nicaragua ?

No. If you are not, or do not want to be, a Nicaraguan Permanent Resident :
All you do is to go to any Immigration office (there is one in Bluefields) and
 extend your tourist visa for 3 or 6 months.
We have clients that live in Nicaragua that have been doing that for years.
Pay a small fee and get a tourist visa for six or three months in less than an hour..

31. So.. Can I construct ?  
Several investors from US, and Europe have properties in the area and have already constructed houses,
 and piers in neighbouring properties.
Construction labor is really inexpensive and can be done fast and without bureaucracy.
Cost is about $50 per square foot, (or $500 per square meter)
That is 1/3 of what you pay for similar construction in the US.
That is nice concrete (cement) construction than includes everything, water, sewage,electicity.
For construction samples and prices look at :


31b. Do you know conctruction contractors that can give us detailed DRAWINGS and PRICE QUOTES?
Yes, the same company that built the island gives detailed 3D and 2D Drawings and constructoion quotes.
Here are some quick examples of their work.

Here is the LINK to the construction company that developed several properties in the area.


31d Solar Water Heater. Can I put one ? Cost ?

Solar Water Heater  200 Liters.
Costs $1350 and $450 to install.
Total Cost  installed, transportated etc $2000. 

32a. What is the cost to get construction supplies to the island ?
ie lumber, concrete bags etc
 3204. Bigger Cargo Boat
with construction material
400 per trip
  3201. Big Cargo Boat
with plants

4573. Smaller Boat
with household material
$200 per trip

Bigger Cargo boats can carry about 20 ship tons ( 1 ship ton is about 40 cubic feet) of supplies per trip.
The cost for a bigger cargo boat trip from Bluefields to the island and back including fuel, captain, helpers that will load and unload, is about $400.
Materials are bought in Bluefields and delivered to the island.
The hardware stores in Bluefields also have piers, so the materials travel directly from the pier in Bluefields to the pier on the island.


The climate in this region is typical of Tropical Rainforest, having temperature between 23 and 32 ºC
and high precipitation levels between 2,500 and 4,000 mm annual.
The warmer months begin in February and last up to the 15 of May, meanwhile December and January are the coolest months.
June to September are the most rainy months.

There is always a cool breeze in the islands that cools the warm tropical climate.
While these islands enjoy an almost constant cooling breeze, high winds are rare.
The islands also enjoy a Caribbean microclimate which differs considerably from the mainland.
While the Atlantic Coast has a distinct rainy season from mid June to September, the islands rarely experience more than a single day of rain,
 and this time of year is generally characterized by occasional showers and thunderstorms, followed by sunshine in the same day.

Dry season is from Jan 1 to May 15. There is also dry season during September.
The heavy rain season is from June to August. During the rest of the year there are showers
followed by sunshine within the same day. Average temperature is about 78 deg F (25 deg C) all year around. 
For temperature and rainfall data see:


The Caribbean part is a lot cooler and not as dry as the Pacific side of Nicaragua
This comfortable climate is the reason why most expatriots prefer this side of the country.
In Caribbean Nicaragua, especially in beachfronts and islands, there is always a nice breeze.
Also you get enough rain so it does not feel dry.
The area is green all year around, even in the dry season.
Here are some data about Bluefields weather


34 - What  about  HURRICANES ?  

Unlike areas like South Florida and Bahamas, hurricanes in the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua are not very common.
The last hurricane (Joan) hit Bluefields in 1988, but did not go through this island.
Hurricane Mitch did not hit this area  either.  Hurricane and storm warnings are available through the radio.
 Also weather prediction service can be obtained from the airport in Managua and from Miami, of course.

Pink Pearl island is outside the hurricane zone.
Hurricanes do not hit from 0 up to 12 deg north or south of the equator.
Island at the 12 deg parallel so is safe from hurricanes.

35 - Has the island ever been hit by hurricanes ?

From the height of the palm trees one can tell that they have been there standing tall for over 50 years,
an undisputable proof that the island has never been hit by hurricanes.

36a - Can I build a round 2 story concrete house similar to the one on the South side?
Yes the same constructor that built the house in teh South part can build one exactly the same on the North parcel for you
Cost is about $70K all furnished.

36b - WINDS - Direction and strength

The Pacific ocean has more currents and underwater currents.
But this property is located on the Caribbean sea, that is a lot safer and a lot calmer than the Pacific Ocean.
In all of Nicaragua the wind always come from North to South or from North East to South West.
There is a '' South wind ''' as they call it... but this is practically a day with “No wind”.
It does not last long, you get about 30-60 days of “No wind” a year.

Generally speaking, early in the morning, the sea is calmer.

37 - What  about  HIGH - TIDE ?

In the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua the max. tide is only about 1-2 feet.
The tide is seasonal rather than daily. Max is 1-2 feet in the rainy season, that is from May to December.

37 A - Can Rising Water Levels or Erosion affect Pink Pearl island ?

Rising water levels 
Lets start with the theory of Global warming and Rising water levels.
Under this scenario the water rises 2.3 mm (millimeters) every year.
That is 23 mm or about 1 inch in 10 years.
So worst case scenario is that if this happens continuously for 40years,
in the end of 40 years, we have 4 inches of increasing water level.
It is still too insignificant to have any effect the island.

Erosion - Waves
The island does not have erosion because it is protected by a barrier reef.
That means that there are not waves crashing on the shore, it is rather calm.

But even if that was the case and there were high waves, the sand moves from one side to another it  does not disappear. 
So for example, if the waves are on the north side, the sand moves around the island to the south side to make it simple to understand.

Historically these islands are known for over 250 years and the first map was made by the US Corps of engineers in 1933. 
Pink Pearl island always had the same size of 1 hectare or about 2.5 acres.

37 B - Can I increase the size of the island ?

Yes you can. Can do it two ways

A. The simple way to do it is to construct a wall on the windy side of the island.
As the water goes over the wall it deposits sand between the wall and the island, while the water  leaks out. It is like a sand trap. 
In the end the gap between the wall and the island gets filled with  sand.
 It is good to plant palm trees on top to keep the “growing” island soil firm. 

B. The other commercial and fast way to do it is what they do in Belize. 
The government there gives a permission to use a water and sand pump and fill up whole islands  or increase the size of an existing island.
 It is the same as “Dredging” but you get water and sand from the bottom of the sea and pile it on top of the island.

Dubai  -  Man made islands
A good and well known example of man-made islands are the Palm island and World of World islands  in Dubai, 
the small and wealthy nation in the Arab peninsula.
Here is an article full of examples of man made islands worldwide.